Sydney Design Week 2010

The tafe I attend is participating in Sydney Design Week. The theme this year is Urban/Suburban. Second and third year graphic design students were given the task of creating a poster advertising a suburb in Sydney. The suburb I chose was Ashfield (postcode 2131) also known as ‘Little Shanghai’.

Ashfield is a densely populated, kind of dingy, multicultural suburb in the Inner West of Sydney. Most of the residents commute to work by train as it’s a major station on two train lines. The majority buildings in Ashfield are art deco blocks of flats but there are a few scattered Victorian houses. There are 6 to 7 different Asian supermarkets and most stores have both English and Chinese signs. There’s also a ton of Asian restaurants.

The focus of my poster was it’s diversity. I went with a Chinese inspired theme as they are largest group ethnic group in the suburb (first being Australian). The Chinese character is the closest translation of  ‘Diversity’. I have been told it literally means ‘Not like the others’, which is true of Ashfield anyway.

Ashfield - 2131

Ashfield – 2131

For those unable to read the small text, it reads:

40% of residents were born in Australia
14.5% of residents were born in China
5.2% were born in India
1 in 5 speak a Chinese language at home

You can read about the Sydney Design Week event HERE