My identity, logo development + the letter K

For the last few weeks designing a logo for myself has been in the forefront of my mind. I’ve had a few ideas but I couldn’t really envision any of them. The teacher wasn’t very impressed my current logo so I decided I would only use it as a last resort. A couple of nights ago I finally found inspiration.

While at my mums I came across a ring which has my family’s emblem on it. The emblem is depicts a hand holding roses with a crown underneath. I started looking up the meaning of these symbols and found the roses can represent happiness, the hand justice and sincerity and the crown can mean either authority or royalty.

I decided to adapt this slightly for my own logo. I decided to remove the crown completely, and change the styling of the hand and the roses. I think the design will represent me as the symbolism is relevant to my personality and I am very family orientated. I’m pretty excited about it and just need to create it in Illustrator. We need to do a black/white and a colour version of the logo. I’ve been tossing around the idea of painting the logo for the colour version. Not sure whether that will happen though. I’ve also started thinking about how I will make it dynamic. I really want to try to find a pattern there and repeat it. I might crop a section to be repeated? We’ll see how it goes..

Last week my assignments from the last two years were considered for my portfolio. I received some really great feedback from other students on how to adapt a few pieces to suit a portfolio. One suggestion was to transform a study of the letter ‘K’ into a logo for a company and create a stationery set for it. Another idea was to create a magazine spread featuring my photomontage pieces from last year. I don’t have any stationery sets or magazine spreads currently so I will be taking their advice.

Study of the letter K was the first assignment we had for typography last year. I went with a constructivist style for the study because I think the letter K is very geometric and sharp. The type of company I will adapt it for will be in the realms of architecture. For the assignment we also had to create a 3D version. I’ve been thinking I might be able to somehow incorporate a photograph of it into the stationery set.