Happily Ever After

For typography we answered the current AGDA student brief which is to

“Pay homage to the milestones of our typographic past,

through words of an optimistic future”

I was really lost for several weeks of this assignment. I tried mind mapping but nothing really came of it. I had one idea the second week but it was rejected by the teacher. I had no clue what to do. I needed a direction. Several friends tried to help me and give me bases for a design. One thought I could do a poster about the internet and 1337 speak which would be kind of perfect because font and language go hand in hand. Another gave the idea about doing one on the theme of love using love letters as people are often optimistic when it comes to love.  I ended up going with the theme of love but without the love letters.

I decided using the words ‘Happily ever after’ as it is unquestionably optimistic, and it’s everyone’s got their own idea of what it is. I wanted to do very feminine type with a fairy tale feel, without it looking tacky and totally Disney. From a technical point of view it’s very different to anything else I’ve done. I’ve always just used fonts without changing them too drastically. I was unsure how to approach it. I started off trying to sketch a base for my design but got nowhere. In the end these are the steps I took:

  1. Opened photoshop and chose the base font
  2. Used the paintbrush to make a rough
  3. Placed the photoshop in Illustrator to make the design vector
  4. . Placed vector from Illustrator to emboss
Happily Ever After

Happily Ever After

Happily Ever After process

Happily Ever After process