Website + Family photographs

The first week of the holidays I’ve only worked on the assignment for web. For the assignment I’m making a website for to display my mum’s works. Most of the work has involved retouching older images of her works rather than actual coding. Tonight I am going to complete the ‘Contact us’ section and then it will be very VERY close to complete. I’m just waiting on my mum to provide the image to use for the banner, copy and decide on fonts/rollovers etc. After tonight I’ve decided to stop tweaking the website and get started on the other three assignments I have.

I was searching through my old harddrive for a photograph of my mum and came across some of my other photographs (3+ years old). Even though I should have been doing assignments, I retouched a couple =X The ones below are of my brother Geoffrey and my sister Lucinda.

The next assignment I’m going to tackle will be a 30 second music video made in After Effects. Today I picked up a friend’s SLR so I can start getting some film to work with. Hopefully there will be a couple of cloudy days next week so I can get some good footage. I still need to decide on a song for it as well. I’m kind of torn between doing something kind of mystical and maybe a bit trippy.. or doing the song ‘My girlfriend lives in the ground’ by the Hoodoo Gurus and having a some dead people walking around. We will see what happens..

Anyway, time to complete the form for the contact us page!