Website complete!

Lots of things going on at the moment. Just a quick update to say my mum’s website is up and running and has been for a couple of days! You can view the website here

I spent most of the time retouching images to use. The layout etc is pretty simple. We’ve been given a 4 week extension for the assignment which is kind of annoying because I spent so much holiday time working on it over other assignments. Now I am super ahead with Web but am falling behind as far as putting my portfolio together. I’ve been thinking I might spend some more time on the flash component on the homepage with the extra time. Otherwise I can create a website for myself in Web. Not sure whether I’ll do this though as it’s creating extra work, and I already have to design a flash portfolio.

A lot of assignments were given back today. The assignments that I thought I didn’t go well in, received good marks, and ones which I was proud of were marked badly. Happily Ever After was given the lowest mark I have received at Tafe. This was mainly because the teacher thought it didn’t pay homage to typography. He thought that it would be a good portfolio piece, I just need to link it into typography more.

The Happily Ever After poster is just one of the pieces I will need to adjust/rework for the end of year exhibition. I only have three weeks to put it all together. Hopefully I can do it! Time to get back to it.