End of year exhibition +posters for Black Swan

There’s only a week until the portfolio’s for the end of year exhibition are due and I still need to get the template off the student share drive. I’ve started reworking and fixing a few of my old assignments. Two of the big ones have been the turning the Letter K into a stationary set and reworking my Juiced! assignment. I think I have a solid start on the letter K letterhead and the business card but I am pretty stuck on the rest of the stationary set. On Monday or Tuesday I will go to the library and check out a few books and hopefully get inspired. The Juiced! assignment is pretty much finished. I changed my secondary font because it wasn’t suitable. I’ve also created an additional 2 landscape print ads. At the moment it looks as though I just have small touch-ups for other works to include. Woo!

Last week I came across some AMAZING posters for Black Swan. There’s four different versions, each one is really graphic and stunning. They really remind of Saul Bass’ work, particularly the poster for Alfred Hitchcock’s Vertigo.

Below is one of the posters but they’re all worth checking out!

Black Swan

Black Swan

Time to get back to my advertising assignment!