Holidays are over!

I haven’t really been around on the internet for a few weeks. I’ve just finished my summer holidays and want more!  I spent a lot of time working for my mum, and also at my 9-5 job. I didn’t do as much design work as I wanted but holidays always seem to go that way..

Over the holidays I decided on a layout for my website and started doing some of the basic coding. I’m not sure what to do for the galleries. Originally I planned to use the same jquery image gallery as the one on my mums website. It would be easy to add work to and I thought it displayed the work well. The other night I came across David La Chappelle’s website. I think it’s really well designed. The homepage specifically really displays his work well and is intriguing. The website design has made me start to doubt the layout of my own.  As a result I’ve started thinking of ways I can give my own just as much impact and perhaps bring some flash in. I’m starting to wondering whether I should have the galleries as a sliding flash animation instead. It looks cleaner but would be more work to update. I’ve also decided to have a little flash animation on the homepage similar to the one on the Art Gallery of NSW website . I probably won’t have time to do it until my next holidays, but I find I need some thinking time before putting the plan into action.

In other news, this year at Tafe the graphic design department have submitted a request to revamp the print room into a studio environment where students will complete work for non-profit organisations, which is part of the course outline for third year students. The subject only has 5 students in a class at a time, and runs for 5 weeks each semester. The groups rotate throughout the year, two at a time. I’m in one of the first groups which has been deligated the task of creating the indentity of the studio. I have tons of ideas and am actually really excited about defining the studio’s identity.

A couple of weeks ago I attended an exhibition called Spook House. It displayed works by Steven Nuttall as well as having performance events and live painting. I really enjoyed it the works by Steven Nuttal and also saw one of the performance events which was lots of fun!

Steven Nuttal is a Sydney based artist whose work is right up my alley. His work mostly depicts ghosts, monsters and other supernatural creatures.  Usually I don’t like the pastel colours paired with black but I really thought it worked for his pieces. Perhaps because of the amazing line work? Anyway, you should check him out!


More of Steven Nuttal’s work can be viewed HERE

Photos of the exhibition can be viewed HERE