8×8 Project

I’m involved in an arts project called 8×8 where 8 high school students collaborate with 8 art school students and create an artwork which will be exhibited at Casula Powerhouse. The project is also run by the Sydney Biennale and the Museum of Contemporary Art. Last Saturday was the first day of the project.

For the meet up we had a sneak peak at the artworks in the Biennale and talks by some of the artists including Erin Manning, Monika Gryzmala and Ed Pien. Despite the dreary weather, it was an awesome day! It was really interesting hearing the artists speak not only about their practice, but also how they researched. It’s difficult to find information about most contemporary artists, so it was a unique opportunity.

Cockatoo Island

Cockatoo Island

I’ve also been lucky enough to do some photography for the Biennale. Today I photographed Nipan Oranniwesna creating City of Ghost in the Art Gallery of NSW. The piece is made using baby powder and stencils of 10 different metropolis (including Sydney) maps. Oranniwesna has been cutting out the stencils in the evenings and then powdering it with the baby powder during the day. The amount of time and patience required is immense as the piece spans a room. Will post pictures soon!