Funfetti Cupcakes (kinda)

For my sisters birthday I finally had an excuse to make the Funfetti Cupcakes over at How Sweet it is. There was a bit of a hick-up with the recipe as I could see the cupcakes had hundreds and thousands but they are listed as sprinkles in the ingredients (I’ve been told this is American terminology?). So when it came to writing them down on the shopping list, I wrote sprinkles rather than hundreds and thousands and received what I requested. I didn’t even notice until it came to decorating and by then it was too late. So really, these aren’t even proper Funfetti Cupcakes! They did have some colour but nothing compared to the lovely rainbow ones over at How Sweet it is.

I also encountered a few problems while cooking them. I’m not sure if it was a result of using sprinkles instead of hundreds and thousands, but the cupcake bases were slightly concave. I also had to cook them for 10minutes longer than the recipe suggests because they were still raw in the middle? Which could also be related to my mix up.. To cover up their less than perfect tops I lathered the cupcake bases with icing and no one seemed to notice. So I still consider them a tasty success! I will however retry with actual hundreds and thousands sometime soon because I really want to eat delicious cupcake rainbow.

I also came across a recipe for making your own sprinkles over at Kitchn which I want to try soon. Making some custom colours sounds pretty awesome!

On another note none of my family members had heard of funfetti before, and thinking about it now I have never seen anything funfetti themed at any food related place in Australia. When I came across it on the food blogs I thought I was out of the loop, but maybe funfetti hasn’t reached Australia yet?