MOST @ Salmagundi Studios

Earlier in the month I had a wonderful afternoon wandering around Salmagundi Studios, an artist run space in Arncliffe, Sydney. The event was part of Art Month Sydney and allowed the public to get a sneak peak at the artists studios as well as exhibit their works.

The space itself was amazing – a quirky building filled with natural light. The work within ranged quite dramatically from polished jewellery to installations involving undies. I was shown around by friends Pierre and Rini who have studios at  Salmagundi. Pierre Cavalan creates huge metal assemblages made of seemingly simple materials while Rini plays with various shapes to create geometric patterns which she distresses and transforms into wallpaper. You can view Pierre‘s online portfolio HERE

The graphic designer friend I went with was instantly drawn to the space of Anais Lera, a typographer who designed the typeface for Salmagundi. Her studio utilises white space and includes a space at the back with a sofa to relax. I enjoy working the way Rini’s studio is setup; inspiration and work in process covering the walls.

While walking through I recognised sculptures by Dillon McEwan from the Defqon festival in Sydney as well as works by Kassandra Bossell which have been spotted at Reverse Garbage. I particularly enjoyed the work by Cathy Weiszmann who has public sculptures around Sydney – including three at the Australian cricket ground.

Unfortunately I had to leave before the BBQ kicked off but I still an awesome afternoon moseying around.

Pierre Cavalan

Arch made of bottles by Kassandra Bossell

Sculptures by Kassandra Bossell

Sold artworks by Kay Orchison in the hallway

Work by Cathy Weiszmann

Work by Cathy Weiszmann

The studio space of Anais Lera

Ramie Moussa

Sculpture by Dillon McEwan


Rini's studio

Rini’s studio