S’mores Brownies

S'mores Brownies

The last week has been serious birthday season. For two of the birthday boys I decided I would bake something. They’re both big fans of chocolate, and even though I love it I’d choose any other cake over plain chocolate. So instead of making a traditional cake I found a delicious alternative – S’mores Brownies from over at Bakerella!

For the recipe I replaced cake flour (which is not available in Australia) with plain flour and cornflour. I used plain flour as the bulk and switched two table spoons of the plain flour with cornflour per cup. I also used Digestive biscuits rather than graham crackers which are an Australian alternative.

Visually, the brownies do not look very appealing. Compared to the lovely fluffy looking ones at Bakerella, mine look completely butchered. The marshmallows didn’t really spread out but instead gave it a polka dot pattern. These problems are purely aesthetics though. They were lovely and moist in the centre and while having a slightly crunchy top. If I were to do them again, I would likely add the marshmallows once the brownie mixture was out of the oven and then use a torch to melt them separately but that’s only a small change. They were very tasty! People kept coming back for more.

On another note my mum and sisters just came back from the UK. While they were over there they bought back the cute apron featured in the photos. It’s from Anthropologie, a store which I adore unbeknownst to them. I love it so much!