Chocolate Gingerbread Bars with Ginger Wine Ganache

Chocolate gingerbread bars

My brother had a serious obsession with chocolate cake as a kid. The only cake he would eat was chocolate, and so when it came to birthdays everyone had a chocolate cake. By my teens I was thoroughly  sick of chocolate cake and turned it down every time. Really out of character for a sugar addict like myself. Anyway, over the years I’ve gotten used to the idea of eating it, but it’s far from my favourite.

Then I came across the Chocolate Gingerbread Bar recipe over at Citrus and Candy… and I found myself torn. Would it be awesome like everything ginger? Or would it be the blahness of chocolate cake? I had a look through and saw Stones Ginger Wine as an ingredient. The decision was made. I had to try it..

Best decision. The bars are delicious and didn’t last more than 24hours in my house. They are really rich and satisfy sweet tooth cravings. The texture is the perfect union between chocolate cake and gingerbread. The recipe is a little more fiddly than your average cake so I was a little worried about getting a step wrong.. but I had no problems what-so-ever. I’ll definitely be making this again!