Upside down banana and toffee cake


While I was in stress-mode from uni, I did quite a bit of baking. It kept me moving, so I didn’t stress out about spending time doing ‘nothing’, and I got a delicious cake at the end! For awhile I was cooking two cakes a week.. it was pretty extreme. I was told I needed to slow down so cake could become special again. I didn’t even know that could happen? Regardless, I have slowed down but I thought I’d show you one of the cakes I made.. repeatedly.


It’s the upside down banana and toffee cake!

Upside down banana and toffee cake

This cake is so good! It’s like banana bread but with toffee on top! Soft on the inside, and a crunchy layer on top. I’ve decided it’s a pretty, rustic cake as well, with the banana on top turning a beautiful pink.

The cake is from the book Cook: How to cook absolutely everything by the Australian Women’s Weekly. As it’s from a book, I don’t feel very comfortable posting the recipe, but if you have the book, I  recommend checking it out! Or buying the book as it has lots of really easy, and delicious cakes.