I love cats


I love cats. A lot. If I were the creator ‘Can’t hug every cat‘ wouldn’t be a comedy – it would be a serious song about my love for them. They -are- just so cute, and I -do- think about their little whiskers and their nose. Despite this love I have resisted getting one. The urge has largely subsided as I live with two lovely cats who I affectionately chase around the house so that I may give them lots of cuddles. The urge went out the window when I came across Nook!

About a month ago (wow time flies..) we called the police on some prick who parked us into our driveway for 5days straight. Just as we were about head back in, we heard some meowing from under the dumpster next door and there he was! A tiny little tabby half starved, no collar, no chip.. and what an affectionate little guy (see below)! We fed him and put a call out to friends, hoping someone would be able to take him..but we kind of fell in love with him and called off the search. Such a lovely little guy!