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Nipan Oranniwesna installing City of Ghost

I was going through my folders and realised there’s a whole heap of photos from the Biennale I never got around to posting! During the Biennale I was lucky enough to document Nipan… Continue reading

Sydney Biennale – Erin Manning

For the Sydney Biennale I’ve spent a lot of time in Erin Manning’s work Stitching Time – A Collective Fashioning volunteering. The work is located on Cockatoo Island and is made up of various types of… Continue reading

Sydney Biennale – He Dreamed Overtime

Earlier in the week I directed visitors through He Dreamed Overtime as part of the Sydney Biennale. He Dreamed Overtime is an installation that includes dozens of objects made of beeswax and was included in the Biennale… Continue reading

Sydney Biennale – Li Hongbo

The second half of last week I assisted Li Hongbo and Tiffany Singh assemble their works for the Sydney Biennale on Cockatoo Island. For Li Hongbo I folded paper bullets into 3D forms while… Continue reading

8×8 Project

I’m involved in an arts project called 8×8 where 8 high school students collaborate with 8 art school students and create an artwork which will be exhibited at Casula Powerhouse. The project is also… Continue reading