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Serpent and the Swan

I came across a wonderful fashion label called Serpent & the Swan a little awhile ago at one of the Finders Keepers markets. It’s run by two sisters; one has experience in the fashion… Continue reading

Holidays are over!

I haven’t really been around on the internet for a few weeks. I’ve just finished my summer holidays and want more!  I spent a lot of time working for my mum, and also… Continue reading

Website complete!

Lots of things going on at the moment. Just a quick update to say my mum’s website is up and running and has been for a couple of days! You can view the website… Continue reading

Website + Family photographs

The first week of the holidays I’ve only worked on the assignment for web. For the assignment I’m making a website for to display my mum’s works. Most of the work has involved… Continue reading

For Arts Sake 2010 + Tafe things

Tafe holidays have begun! It probably won’t be much of a holiday though as I have a bunch assignments to complete over the two weeks and need to work on my portfolio. Yesterday… Continue reading

Logo + Michael Zavros

I’ve uploaded a banner with my logo. I spent ages trying to think of a logo during my holidays. It’s based on the Victorian silhouettes portraits. I have a class called ‘Portfolio’ this… Continue reading