Sweet things! Cookies and cupcakes!

I’ve been doing some cooking lately. Thought I’d quickly show the food off. Last weekend I made cookies and cream cupcakes from Bakerella with my sister. They didn’t look nearly as good as… Continue reading

Holidays are over!

I haven’t really been around on the internet for a few weeks. I’ve just finished my summer holidays and want more!  I spent a lot of time working for my mum, and also… Continue reading

Happily Ever After – revisited

Happy Halloween

End of year exhibition +posters for Black Swan

There’s only a week until the portfolio’s for the end of year exhibition are due and I still need to get the template off the student share drive. I’ve started reworking and fixing… Continue reading

Website complete!

Lots of things going on at the moment. Just a quick update to say my mum’s website is up and running and has been for a couple of days! You can view the website… Continue reading

Website + Family photographs

The first week of the holidays I’ve only worked on the assignment for web. For the assignment I’m making a website for to display my mum’s works. Most of the work has involved… Continue reading

For Arts Sake 2010 + Tafe things

Tafe holidays have begun! It probably won’t be much of a holiday though as I have a bunch assignments to complete over the two weeks and need to work on my portfolio. Yesterday… Continue reading

Happily Ever After

For typography we answered the current AGDA student brief which is to “Pay homage to the milestones of our typographic past, through words of an optimistic future” I was really lost for several… Continue reading