Vietnam slideshow

I’ve been kind of busy with assignments at the moment and a few other things popping up. Though I’d qiuckly jump on and post something. For my AfterEffects class I had to create… Continue reading

Sydney Design Week 2010

The tafe I attend is participating in Sydney Design Week. The theme this year is Urban/Suburban. Second and third year graphic design students were given the task of creating a poster advertising a… Continue reading

Canvas Group website/s

Canvas Group websites for Lantern Studio and Andreas Smetana.


Semi-Permanent is a design event which travels to Australian cities and to 7 other countries. They organize talented relevant designers/artists to inspire and also discuss their work. The event encompasses Graphic Design, Film, Art, Illustration,… Continue reading

Logo + Michael Zavros

I’ve uploaded a banner with my logo. I spent ages trying to think of a logo during my holidays. It’s based on the Victorian silhouettes portraits. I have a class called ‘Portfolio’ this… Continue reading

/me joins wordpress

After much procrastination I have finally joined! Time to start looking through the settings..