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The cheesecake

A few weeks ago I visited a couple of friends, who cooked an amazing dinner of spaghetti and meatballs. I’ve never had it freshly made and I can’t believe I’ve gone so long… Continue reading

Upside down banana and toffee cake

  While I was in stress-mode from uni, I did quite a bit of baking. It kept me moving, so I didn’t stress out about spending time doing ‘nothing’, and I got a… Continue reading

Cherry chocolate cake

I’m backk! The last few months have been hectic with uni. I can’t even imagine what my last year will be like.. insanity probably! I have lots of photos which need to be… Continue reading

S’mores Brownies

The last week has been serious birthday season. For two of the birthday boys I decided I would bake something. They’re both big fans of chocolate, and even though I love it I’d… Continue reading

Ginger and orange teacake

Last week I decided to give the Ginger and orange teacake over at Design Sponge a whirl. I absolutely love ginger and Rachel Khoo was right to pair it with orange. I have… Continue reading

Funfetti Cupcakes (kinda)

For my sisters birthday I finally had an excuse to make the Funfetti Cupcakes over at How Sweet it is. There was a bit of a hick-up with the recipe as I could see the… Continue reading

Basil Pesto

Being the last day of holidays, I feel that I should do productive things before I lose all my time to uni. One of these things was to use the basil we’ve been… Continue reading

Streusel Topped French Toast Cupcakes with Maple Buttercream

Another of my baking sessions involved recreating the awesomeness that is *big breath in* Streusel Topped French Toast Cupcakes with Maple Buttercream, which is a recipe I found from over at Bakingdom. They are incredible!… Continue reading

Rhubarb buckle

I’ve been on uni holidays the last few months and took the opportunity to make some tasty food! I baked yummy rhubarb buckle using the recipe over at Alexandrea’s Kitchen.. well, actually, a made it… Continue reading

Chocolate-Chocolate Chip and Bacon Cookies

On the public holiday I made some chocolate-chocolate chip bacon cookies.. and they were pretty amazing.. Yum! Recipe here